The ASGS foundation has over the years expanded from ad-hoc project activities to a more grounded annual program which include annual activities such as World Aids Day programs (5 day event), provision of counseling for PLWHAs, campaigns to reduce stigma/discrimination of those affected by HIV, training of healthcare providers, such as the American Academy of HIV Medicine training for island physicians, community and school awareness and prevention programs, capacity building of its members and PLWHA, and advocacy.

Students Peer Education Curriculum and Training (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.) program

RESPECT program has been designed to recruit and train “peer educators” to obtain information on sexual and reproductive health and at the same time provide information on HIV and related issues to the young adults.

The AIDS Support Group Saba (ASGS) provides the platform and financial support to conduct the sessions among Form four students at the Saba Comprehensive School. Three separate sessions are carried out for form four students per semester.
First session is focused on basic information on human anatomy, sexual behavior and male and female reproduction.
Second session is more focused on specific conditions like HIV and other STDs
- The third and final session is focused on risk behavior and prevention of HIV transmission

These sessions are conducted by the medical students of Saba University School of Medicine under the direct supervision of Dr. D. Bonsal. The objective is to reinforce the information on an ongoing basis and at the same time encourage participation from the high school students. The final goal is to prepare “peer educators” from within the teenage population who will then be trained educators for future sessions.

Girl Power Saba - Train the Trainers

September 2008, the Girl Power Train the Trainers Program was conducted under the auspices of the Aids Support Group Saba Foundation and funded by SNAYDP.

Six Girl Power Program Facilitators were flown over to Saba from St. Maarten to conduct this three day program.

The purpose of the program was to train Saba women to take the Girl Power Program into the Saba Comprehensive School to present to all high school girls. The program itself is an informative program that raises the self-esteem of young girls and empowers them to make healthy life style choices. This program speaks to sexuality issues, abstinence, disease and pregnancy protection. It is an interactive program and prepares the trainers to be facilitators themselves.

Girl Power Saba at the Saba Comprehensive School

The program took place over three mornings of 10th 11th and 12th Dec 2008. Lunch was provided at the school at the end of each mornings work. The program included the following sessions -

Day 1

  • Self esteem
  • Values
  • Goal setting
  • Role models
  • Media messages

Day 2

  • Abstinence
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships
  • Boundary Setting
  • STD’s

Day 3

  • OPRAH and condom use
  • Understanding risks
  • Communication skills
  • Warning signs of relationship violence and abuse – when to leave.

Due to the small number of Saba volunteers who were available for these workshops, each group had the same facilitators for the entire three sessions. Although it was more difficult for the inexperienced trainers in these circumstances, it has been seen to be a benefit for the students on St Maarten who form a bond of trust with those assigned to their group and do not have to re-build each day. The facilitators have also benefited as they have now each covered an entire program and will be a valuable resource to assist those volunteers able to assist them in the future.

Community HIV/AIDS Education
Carnival HIV Awareness programme
World Aids Day Activities

Universal Precautions Workshop
Fighting Stigma and Discrimination

ASGS Web site
Posters and brochures

Peer to Peer Exchanges
Implementation and Evaluation of Strategic Plan

Attendance at 2008 CRN International Conference
HIV Medicine Bank Evaluation and Expansion
The Emergency medicine bank was established to ensure that PLWHA would never have to miss their medications. Missed medications can cause medication resistance. Being an Island and dependent on supplies having to be brought in by air or sea, which can be affected by weather or other inconveniences, the ASGS created the emergency medicine bank which carries all HIV related medications taken by our PLWHA population.

In 2007 Ancillary medications to cover treatment of any opportunistic infections that may occur, especially during the Hurricane Season, were added to the bank including antibiotics and vitamins.
Counseling and education for PLWHA
HIV information, magazines and brochures (available at our Windwardside office)


School World AIDS Day Poster competition

World AIDS Day Community Event

Participant during an activity, a train the trainer workshop presented by ASHE

ASGS Foundation is in the process of continuing the expansion and improvements of its activities and is in the process of applying for additional funding to secure the well being of its program for years to come.


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